House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda (HOZWU) is the first locally founded Zakat institution in Uganda. Established by a group of respectable and resourceful Muslims in 2010 to streamline the collection and distribution of Zakat in Uganda, a secular state with 14.7% of 41million population being Muslims.

The 1ST National Zakat Conference in Uganda with a main theme; Zakat as an instrument for Poverty Alleviation and Social Development, had the following objectives, to promote Zakat as a third pillar of Islam and an instrument for poverty alleviation, to galvanize and bring together other Zakat Practitioners on mosque and county levels, to inculcate high values of integrity, accountability and transparency into the operations of other Muslim charity organizations, and to leverage on the experiences of advanced Zakat institutions’ experiences and knowledge to develop other local charities. 

The Conference was officially opened by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Rt. General Kahinda Otafiire. 

Presenters included, Dr. M.A. Kisuule, Dr. Ziyaad Lubanga, Ambassador Isaac Sebulime, Namungo Hamzah (Hozwu/World Zakat Forum), Hajati Zaujja Ndifuna (An Educationist), Col. Pius Alitema (Peace and Security) and Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate. The Chairman, Board of Directors of HOZWU Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya also graced the occassion.

The Conference had the following resolutions,

  1. House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda applauded for the efforts exerted in raising the awareness in Muslim of Uganda about the importance of the third pillar of Islam- Zakat collection and distribution and general management.
  2. The House of Zakat and Waqf, Uganda should continue with its focus and plan to accommodate and work together with all Muslim groups in Uganda.
  3. House of Zakat and Waqf, Uganda to continue with its plans of sensitizing Muslims about the importance of Zakat and its related laws in Islam and to organize Zakat Conferences and seminars similar to this in all regions and districts of Uganda.
  4. High Values such as Integrity, accountability, transparency and unity are integral to the whole chain of Zakat management.
  5. Security and stability are prerequisite for social development, Zakat inclusive.
  6. Since unity of Muslims plays an important and effective role in promoting Zakat, Muslims should to work together towards achieving unity.
  7. World Zakat Forum appreciated by the Conference for sharing Experience and Information aimed at uplifting the standard of performance of House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda.
  8. Zakat should majorly be distributed in poverty alleviation initiatives to support Government Poverty Alleviation Programs.
  9. Participants applauded the good work done by the House of Zakat Education Department for giving out 657 scholarships in Secondary School and 150 in Universities in 2017-2019.