House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda (HOZWU), Represented by Bro. Namungo Hamzah & Nyanzi Muhammad. The South African National Zakat Fund (SANZAF) represented by Bro. Shauket Fakie (National Chairman). The World Zakat Forum (WZF) represented by Namungo Hamzah (Uganda) on invitation attended the first consultative workshop at Masjid Jamia (Nairobi) on Saturday, 23rd - Feb. 2019.

 Masjid Jamia is one the most prominent religious institutions in East and Central Africa and a center of Muslim Socio-economic organization over the years. To leverage on its institutional standing within the Muslim Community in Kenya, Jamia Mosque wants to undertake a major program of Zakat collections and distribution in Kenya.

The Workshops Objectives were;

  1. To gather and disseminate knowledge on Sharia aspects of Zakat collection and distribution.
  2. To gather and disseminate on the legal and administrative aspects of Zakat collections and distribution.
  3. To gather and disseminate knowledge on the challenges, opportunities and best practices in Zakat administration.

 Among other presenters, Namungo Hamzah presented on " Effective Zakat Management & Best practices in World zakat Forum member Organizations", Bro. Nyanzi Muhammad presented on" Zakat Perspectives from Uganda: Challenges & Opportunities at House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda" Bro. Shauket Fakie, the National Chairman, SANZAF presented on " Zakat: Perspectives from South Africa"

 It was resolved that, working documents be drafted regarding Legal/Sharia, Incorporation, Mobilizations among others. House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda and SANZAF  pledged to offer constant support. And on behalf of the World Zakat Forum, we also pledged to be of use whenever contacted.