"For 12 years we lived in a one-room hut, and even used a closet as a boundary to separate the beds for our son and daughters," said Mohamad Nasir Ismail, 38.

Nasir, who is also a Quran and Fardhu Ain (KAFA) class teacher, said he could not afford to buy a comfortable house for his wife and three children as he only earns about RM1,100 (USD300) a month.

He also had no choice but to stay in the hut due to the difficulty of getting home financing from any financial institutions in Malaysia.

Mohamad Nasir said this after receiving a visit from the Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah (LZNK) Malaysia, in Telok Gerigis, Alor Setar today. Also present was the General Manager of BIMB Strategic Relations, Mr. Mohd Nazri Chik.

The family has now received a new home under the special scheme of i-Asnaf Personal Financing in collaboration with Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB).

Meanwhile, LZNK Chief Executive Officer, Syeikh Zakaria Othman said, under this special project, LZNK will support 50% from the total cost to build a house in Kedah while the recipient will bear another remaining 50% through the i-Asnaf personal financing with BIMB.

He said the scheme was only for families categorized as unbankable (not eligible to get any personal financing or housing through banks).

“Recipients only need to make a repayment of about RM260 (USD50) per month for a period of 10 years to BIMB and at the end of the financing, they will eventually own a comfortable home.”

“We are targeting another 20 salaried asnaf to to receive new homes through this special scheme in Malaysia this year," he said.

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