The World Zakat and Waqf Forum (WZWF) as an international platform of the Zakat and Waqf movement, has a pivotal role in synergizing global Zakat and Waqf stakeholders to alleviate poverty and improve the status of welfare of the ummah. Therefore, with the mercy of Allah, the World Zakat and Waqf Forum has conducted the 11th World Zakat and Waqf Forum International Conference and Annual Meeting 2022 on 28th-30th September 2022 which took place in Leeds, United Kingdom, under the theme “Islamic Philanthropy Leadership in a Global Cost of Living Crisis”.

This conference has discussed various current and strategic issues on global zakat and waqf development. To sum up these 3 (three) days discussion, the World Zakat and Waqf Forum states the following resolutions:

First, The WZWF needs to formulate code of conduct in 2023 in order to strengthen zakat and waqf member institutions of the WZWF to be more effective and efficient;
Second, Cooperation and partnership between government zakat and waqf institutions and NGOs by paying attention to sharia aspects and regulatory compliance in each WZWF member country are highly needed;
Third, Encourages the member country to improve the capacity of human resources and enhance the professionalism of Amil and Nazir, therefore it is necessary for the WZWF to have a professional certification standard for Amil and Nazir;
Fourth, Prompts all WZWF member countries to recognize and apply the Zakat Core Principles (ZCP) and Waqf Core Principles (WCP) documents along with the technical notes that have been ratified by the WZWF Annual Meeting;
Fifth, Cooperates with local zakat and waqf philanthropy institutions to provide assistance and advocacy for zakat and waqf services as a form of WZWF's contribution and attention to zakat and waqf management in Muslim minority countries.
Sixth, The members agree to explore and implement a tiered membership fee in the WZWF Statute for all WZWF member countries and member institutions.

The World Zakat and Waqf Forum agrees to conduct the 12th World Zakat and Waqf Forum International Conference and Annual Meeting 2023 in Kedah, Malaysia. May Allah SWT bless our endeavors in upholding global zakat and waqf movement for a better future of the Ummah.

Rep: WZWF Annual Meeting Resolutions

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