Since late 2019, the world has suffered to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only did the pandemic kill millions of lives, but it has effected all sectors of human civilization. Zakat as an Islamic Social finance holds an important role in eradicating poverty and creating welfare for all. Zakat is mostly distributed through productive programs which act as a sustainable solution in eradicating poverty and helping those in need. Therefore, its utilization and correct distribution during the pandemic is crucial. So, how such Zakat Institution in overcoming the COVID-19 economic and health crisis and the future plans of the World Zakat Forum for COVID-19 recovery.

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The Role of Zakat Institutions and the World Zakat Forum for COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Guest Speakers:
Dr Mohd. Faisal Mustaffa -Deputy Head of WZF Youth
Dr. Mohammed Ayub Miah -Deputy Secretary General World Zakat Forum

Ali Chamani Al-Anshory -Senior Researcher Puskas BAZNAS

Mark your calendar:
? 6 July 2021
? Time:
4pm-5pm (Jakarta) || 5pm-6pm (KL) || 3pm-4pm (Dhaka) || 12am-1pm (Riyadh) || 11am-
12am (Cape Town) || 10am-11pm (London, Lagos) || 5am-6am (NYC)

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